【Elementary level】

◆◇ Intensive elementary 1(4classes/week ・4credits) ◇◆

This course is designed for students at the elementary level of Japanese. Students will be taught Japanese basic sentence patterns, basic grammatical items, Japanese letters, basic vocabularies and right pronunciation of each word. The objective of this course is to enable students to communicate with each other in their on- or off-campus living environment and to represent their own situations or intentions by using simple Japanese.

◆◇ Intensive elementary 2(4classes/week ・4credits) ◇◆

This course is for students in upper elementary level of Japanese. The purpose of this course is to enable students to be able to explain about oneself or have simple communication in Japanese. This course provides students with the knowledge of vocabularies, grammatical items, Kanji, and conversational expressions in basic level through speaking and writing about own experiences and thoughts.

** We also offer Applied Japanese Basic1 in the fall semester and Applied Japanese Basic2 in the spring semester so that postgraduate students can learn survival Japanese.

【Intermediate level】

◆◇ インテンシブ1(4コマ・4単位) ◇◆

 日本語レベルが中級前半(lower intermediate)の人、日本語インテンシブ1がおわった人のためのコースです。文法や語彙(vocabulary)、漢字の勉強をしながら、「読む・書く・聞く・話す」の4つを練習します。 発表や作文、文法の復習などをしながら、日本語がうまく使えるようになるための勉強をします。自分で学習の計画をつくる自律型クラスもあります。先生と相談しながら学習をすすめます。

This course is designed for students at lower intermediate level.During this course, students will be able to improve all four Japanese skills (such as reading, listening, writing and speaking) alongside to acquire the knowledge of Japanese grammar, vocabularies and Kanji. Furthermore, they will be able to develop their Japanese communicative competences through the practice of presentation or composition as well as the review of Japanese grammar.

◆◇ インテンシブ3(4コマ 4単位) ◇◆

 このクラスは日本語のレベルが中級後半(upper intermediate)の人のためのクラスです。研究会などで、自分の専門分野について、日本語で基本的な情報を理解し、発信することができることを目指します。クラスでは、「読む・書く・話す・聞く」をバランスよく勉強します。「話す・聞く」はインタラクションのあるものも、スピーチやプレゼンテーションのような1対多のものも勉強します。「読む」は教科書を使って勉強します。語彙や文法・文型についても学びます。また、「書く・話す・聞く」などの運用練習もします。さらに、自律型のクラスもあります。自分で自分の学習を計画し、学んでいきます。

This course is designed for students at the upper intermediate level of Japanese. The objective of this course is to enable students to understand and produce basic information on their areas of expertise. In this course, students will be able to brush up all four Japanese skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) in a balanced manner as below.

1)  Speaking and listening practices: interactive communication, speech and presentation
2) Reading practices: reading textbooks, learning grammatical items and sentence patterns
3) Integrated practices: writing essays, speaking about their own essays and listening to other students’s presentation etc.

In addition, students will have a chance to carry out their own learning plan autonomously with a lecturer’s support.

【Advance level】

◆◇ スキル1A 読解と語彙 ◇◆

This course is designed for students at the lower advanced level of Japanese and focuses on the training of reading and vocabulary skills. In this course, students will be required to read short text about Japanese societies, current news and to write essays on the related topics in the textbook. There will be also have a chance to learn Kanji, Grammar, build up vocabularies.

◆◇ スキル1B 文章表現 ◇◆

In this course, students will learn advanced Japanese writing skills that their reader(s) will understand easily what they want to convey. Also, they will be required to write essays, so that they will have confidence in their academic writing skills to attend lectures conducted in Japanese.

◆◇ スキル2A 現代社会総合 ◇◆

The goal of this subject is to become able to read newspaper articles and small-sized paperback book about social issues, explain the content clearly and deliver opinions in Japanese. Students are expected to write an academic report and make a poster on the theme related to social issues.

◆◇ スキル2B 文章表現(発展) ◇◆

This class emphasizes on writing theses and report in Japanese. The lecturer will demonstrate the method of reading/writing which enable students to acquire the necessary forms of written expression.